What do you do?
How can you relieve my pain?
Will it hurt?
What is the definition of pain?
What is acute pain?
What is chronic pain?

How Can I Help Myself?

When should I use ice?
When should I use heat?
What is your detox bath salts recipe?


How do I make an appointment?
What are your hours?
What if I have an emergency?
To cancel or reschedule, how much notice do you need?
How long is one session?
How long is a course of treatment?
How long do I have to keep coming back?
Is it okay to be active after a session?
Where are you located?
Where do I park?
Do you accept insurance?
Do you accept credit cards?
How much does it cost?

First Session: What to Expect

What happens in a session?
What should I do during a session?

Gift Certificates

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