Yarok Adi (means "Green Jewel" in Hebrew)

The clinic's receptionist, Yarok Adi, also answers to his nickname, "Gnocchi."
He is a Solomon Island Eclectus, hatched July 9, 2004. His species comes from the Solomon Islands, east of mainland New Guinea in the Pacific Ocean.

His beak was completely black when he was hatched. As he matured it gradually changed to the candy-corn coloring.

The Eclectus parrot is the most distinctive example of sexual dimorphism in the bird world. For many years biologists believed these birds to be two different species. Males are mainly green, as you can see with Yarok Adi. Females are bright, ruby red with purple wings.

Yarok Adi is an expert flyer, loves people, and is very gentle. His favorite food is organic almonds, though he is a "chow hound" and eats pretty much everything offered with gusto.

He goes home with Wimsey every night and enjoys watching cooking programs on television and listening to music. He is particularly fond of '80s disco and country and western music, though he also enjoys blues and classical music.

He has a large vocabulary and can mimic most sounds he's heard.

If all goes well, he will live to be 45 to 80 years old!